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Having an Estate Plan in place not only helps to carryout your wishes upon your death but makes it easier on your loved ones in sorting out your estate. Learn more about how an Estate Plan including a Will & Trust can help you. Ask our experienced Orange County estate planning lawyer today.

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Everyone has to deal with taxes in one way or another. Find out why it is important to discuss a tax plan with an experienced Orange County tax planning attorney and how Masson & Fatini can help.

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Selecting the right entity for your business is important for protecting your personal liability and helping to reduce potential tax consequences. Find out how we can assist you in the process of forming a Corporation or Business.

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Family Protection Planning

No one likes to think that they could die an unexpected death but planning for your children’s care ahead of time is important to protect them in such a tragic event. Our Orange County estate planning attorneys have the experience and qualifications that are required for this type of Family Estate Planning.

Orange County Long Term Benefit Plan

Long Term Benefit Planning

Most of us will require long term care before we die. Home Care, Assisted Living and other forms of Senior Care can be expensive. Determining how your care will be handled ahead of time will help lift some of the burdens from your family. Masson & Fatini can discuss your options and how to include your Long Term Benefit Plan in your Estate Plan.

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Estate Tax Planning

Many plan to pass some type of inheritance to their loved ones. You have worked hard for your money and having to pay additional taxes on your estate can be frustrating. Learn how we can help reduce your estate tax obligations.

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Masson & Fatini is an Estate Planning Firm in Irvine, California.

We serve Clients all throughout Southern California: Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino Counties.

We handle Estate Planning, including Wills & Trusts, Tax Planning, and Litigation, including disputes with the IRS, Corporate and Business Formation, Corporations, LLC’s & LLP’s.
We offer the experience of a large law firm with personalized representation.


An estate plan helps carryout your wishes upon your death of distributing your property and personal items to your loved ones or non-profit organization. Learn more.


Protecting the assets that you have worked so hard for is important. We can help you with this whether it be through establishing a Will or Trust, forming a Business Entity or providing you with a Tax Plan.


Planning for long term care can help take the burden off your loved ones when it comes time for you to require it. We can discuss your options for including Long Term Care Benefits as part of your Estate Plan.


Whether you need a simple Estate Plan or one that requires complex and detailed planning, our attorneys have the experience and expertise to handle your needs.

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Wealth Advisors - Masson & Fatini, LLP

Orange County Estate Planning Attorneys serving clients in Southern California. We handle Wills & Trust, Tax Planning, Corporate and Business Formation.

There are three kinds of tasks you face in your everyday life. The first category are those tasks that are both important and urgent. These can’t be ignored. Your house is on fire. There’s a bat loose in your dining room. Something green just came out of your garbage disposal. You don’t really have a choice with these. They just have to be dealt with.

The third category are tasks that are unimportant and urgent. These are, strangely enough, the productivity killers that dominate the days and nights of many people. You lost your car keys. You forgot your phone. Your third-grader’s pet bunny crawled under the bed again. If you’ve been around the sun enough times you know these things always happen about 60 seconds after you sit down to try and do something useful with your time.

You’re probably wondering why we skipped over the second category. The reason is pretty simple. The second category tasks are different. You have a choice with category two. You see, these tasks are important but not urgent, but they are the tasks that are holding you back. Why are we talking about category two tasks? Because those are the ones we help you accomplish.  

If you tolerate it, coaxing bunnies out from under beds can drain away all your productive time, leaving none for things like hiring an Orange County estate planning attorney. Suppose you raise your third-grader to be an amazing human being, and then they discover you have no legacy because you never got around to getting your financial house in order? What if they inherit the family business, only to discover the fatal flaw in the corporate structure that leads to its downfall?  What if they are left to deal with a years-long tax siege because you failed to properly plan your business finances?

Helping You Plan Your Life

Is that something any of us want want? Of course not. But, if you don’t take a sober look at where your time is spent vs. where your time is best spent, you could very well allow unfortunate things to happen, even if you desperately wanted to avoid them. You can protect yourself and your loved ones through thoughtful planning. Our wills and trust attorney Orange County legal team is here to help.

The important but not-urgent tasks are what we’re best at. We can help you plan your life and the life of your family to mitigate risks, and avoid danger. Our job is to protect you from the unexpected and the chaotic, and it is a duty we take very seriously.

Every family has income. Every family has one or more people in it who make money. They may do it by running a business, or they might do it by going out and getting a job. Regardless of how or where that money is coming from, someone in every family is working hard and trying to do what is right by their loved ones. What is the difference between the working family and the one that takes their hard work and turns it into wealth? Planning.

We know this very well, which is why we built our entire firm around it. We know proper estate planning is the principle that leads to wealth. It leads to the bright future we all want for ourselves and our families. The alternative is to simply react to what happens day to day, and to do it with nothing but whatever you can produce within the hours of daylight. You can’t expect results if you pit your productivity against the potential problems that could be unleashed if you fail to address and arrange your financial affairs. 

Planning Your Business

Consider your business. Many families are built around their own businesses. You might run a small grocery store, or operate a landscaping business. You might even have a professional firm of some kind. In any case, proper planning can mean the difference between that business providing for you and your children, or creating a life-altering nightmare. What if you make the mistake of running your company as a sole proprietorship? It might seem like a harmless decision until a lawsuit reaches through your company, into your life, and claims your child’s college fund. Sound far-fetched? It shouldn’t. It happens far more often than you might think, and we don’t ever want you to feel that terrible chill someone experiences when they realize the wolves are at the door and there’s no escape.  

The truth is you escape those wolves long before they find your door, and one of the ways you do it is by hiring an Orange County estate planning lawyer. A qualified and experienced estate attorney can show you how to structure your business as a partnership, limited liability company or S corporation and avoid the kind of liability that leads to lost college funds, broken dreams and bankruptcy. Orange County estate planning attorneys can show you how to preserve and protect the work of a lifetime so it isn’t consumed by pointless legal wrangling, taxes and frivolity. Your loved ones deserve better. You deserve better.  

Protecting Your Estate

It might be your business. It might be a better tax plan. It might be long-term care options for your older relatives. It might be protecting your estate so your children can benefit from the lifetime of hard work you’ve put in. No matter how advanced or how intricate you believe your situation is, we can show you innovative and creative ways to improve your property, increase your wealth and preserve your peace of mind.

Our experienced estate planning attorneys in Orange County, CA will give you the kind of advice you need, and show you how to build your life with strategies that lead to long-term wealth, long-term protection for your dreams and a legacy for the people you hold dear. Don’t leave your life up to chance, and don’t leave your family or your business in harm’s way. Instead of reacting to life, take action. Take control, and take this opportunity to start planning a future you can see come true one day.

Give us an opportunity to show you what we can do. Let us help you build the kind of wealth you and your family deserve.  

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