Tax Planning Advice & Litigation

The attorneys at Masson & Fatini have extensive training and experience in tax planning and advice. We focus on income tax planning at the business, individual and fiduciary level. But we even go further to coordinate tax issues involving gifts, estate tax and trusts. We can help you create and incorporate tax-exempt entities such as charities and foundations, to not only avoid tax, but redirect tax dollars to achieve your philanthropic goals. Our experience

includes the following:

  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Personal and Business Tax Planning
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Service & State Agencies
  • Corporate, Partnership Organization Formation
  • Non-exempt Organization Formation
  • ERISA Concerns & Issues
  • Retirement and Compensation Planning

Importance of Tax Planning

Federal, state and local tax laws can be complicated. However, effective tax advice and representation, can provide you with clarity and help to reduce taxes or even eliminate them in some instances. Our attorneys have the expertise, skill and experience necessary to guide our clients through the complexities of federal, state and local tax laws. Whether it is business planning or litigation, we strive to ensure that our clients obtain the best results possible.

Estate Tax Planning

It is important to determine your tax obligations while working on your estate plan. Depending on the amount of assets you pass determines whether you pay an estate tax. Currently, in 2019, if someone dies, and their net worth is less than $11.4 million, it is unlikely there will be any estate tax owed in California. This amount changes each year. If it is determined that you are required to pay taxes, an attorney at Masson & Fatini can provide you with options during your estate planning to help you eliminate or minimizing your tax obligations by utilizing tools such as gifting programs to reduce your obligations.

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