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Demographics of Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is a coastal city located in Orange County, California. It’s known for sandy beaches and great surf spots. Balboa Island draws in tons of tourists each year with its waterfront path and easy access from the ferry to the shops. 

Newport Beach has a population of 85,186 and a population density of 3,587.5 people per square mile.  

The 2010 Census reported that 99.5% of the population lives in households. Of the city’s 38,751 households, 21.2% have children under the age of 18 living in them. A household is typically comprised of 2-3 people.

Also, 44.6% of the households consisted of opposite-sex married couples living together. As of 2010, there were 1,846 unmarried opposite-sex partnerships and 233 same-sex married couples or partnerships. 

About 33% of the households are made up of individuals, while 11.4% had someone living alone who was over the age of 65.  The median age of this sandy city is 44, meaning that the population tends towards middle age.

Newport Beach has a median household income of $106,333, with less than 8% of the population living below the federal poverty line. 

Estate Planning Lawyer in Newport Beach, CA

Estate planning is necessary for anyone who wants to be able to control how their home, savings, personal items, and more are given to others. With an advanced strategy devised by a Newport Beach estate planning lawyer, you can name the assets you want to give, when you want to give them, and who you want to give them to. 

Without an estate plan, your belongings and family legacy could be put at risk. Working with an estate planning lawyer in Newport Beach can ensure that your family members and loved ones receive all they can. Protect yourself and your loved ones today. 

Our extensive Newport Beach estate planning services are custom-tailored to the particular needs of each estate. Additionally, we work with clients who require revisions and updates to their estate plans. Whether you need advanced estate planning, creation of a will or living trust, amendments to your current will or living trust or assistance as a successor trustee in California, our Newport Beach estate planning attorney can help.

Wills and Trusts

You most likely have heard the term “will” and “trust” but may not know what those terms mean or the difference between a trust and will. Both terms are an aspect of estate planning. A “will” and a “trust” serve two different purposes but work side by side in a completed estate plan created by estate planning attorneys. A will takes effect only after you die while a trust begins to function after its creation.

Wills and trusts boil down to a couple of basic legal principles which have thankfully remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Property rights survive human lifespans. The state has a legal obligation to protect those property rights, either by law or by providing individuals and businesses the option to create legal structures to do so. The last will and testament has been the traditional instrument used to sustain property rights in probate. With more complex assets and ownership structures, the trust has arisen as the instrument of choice for many estates – especially those with many beneficiaries.

If you are looking for an experienced Newport Beach trust attorney, Masson & Fatini is here to help. We can advise you on the difference between a trust and will, and help you decide which, if not both should be prepared. Our Newport Beach trust lawyers can handle the drafting and full preparation of your documents, including both simple or complex wills or trusts. We can additionally provide advice on your responsibilities if you have been selected as an Administrator or Trustee. If you have any questions or need assistance with any of these, please feel free to contact our office. Our Newport Beach living trust attorneys and staff can assist you with all the information you may need about wills and trust.

Corporations and Business Formations

Masson & Fatini in Newport Beach provides experienced legal counsel regarding corporate and business formation. Our experienced Newport Beach business attorneys take time to not only learn the design of your business operation but focus on the particular aspects of your business so we can advise you on the best business entity for your specific needs. We inform our clients of their options that provide them with tax advantages while protecting against personal liability. We handle all issues related to corporate formations, including issues of taxation and liability.

  • Business Entity – Selecting the right business entity is important. One entity may work for one company but would not for another. Each entity has different tax obligations and requirements and finding the right one for your business is important in determining your tax obligations or advantages. We can help you decide whether a corporation, partnership, LLC or other business structure is best for your needs and business objectives.
  • Business Formation Once we have helped you select the appropriate business entity, our attorneys and staff will assist you with your business’s formation and incorporation. This often includes the drafting and reviewing of documents regarding the organization and structuring of your business entity, filing and registering your business with the California Secretary of State’s office and obtaining your EIN number. 

Tax Planning

The attorneys at Masson & Fatini have extensive training and experience in tax planning and advice. We focus on income tax planning at the business, individual and fiduciary level. But we even go further to coordinate tax issues involving gifts, estate tax and trusts. Our Newport Beach tax attorney can help you create and incorporate tax-exempt entities such as charities and foundations, to not only avoid tax, but redirect tax dollars to achieve your philanthropic goals.

Federal, state and local tax laws can be complicated. However, effective tax advice and representation, can provide you with clarity and help to reduce taxes or even eliminate them in some instances. Masson & Fatini’s tax planning attorneys in Newport Beach have the expertise, skill and experience necessary to guide our clients through the complexities of federal, state and local tax laws. Whether it is business planning or litigation, we strive to ensure that our clients obtain the best results possible.


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